Transforming lives in India – Ranjita’s Story

In this charity appeal film we meet Ranjita, a tailor in India.

Born into the lowest caste, she was forced into 'manual scavenging' at the age of nine.

She cleaned latrines and sewers for a few rupees and scraps of food.

She fought for her rights and her life is now very different.

Christian Aid – Harvest Appeal – India 2019

I went to India to make this film for Christian Aid's Harvest Appeal 2019.

I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people and see how the charity transforms lives around the world.

This film tells the story of Kasthuri and her son Mathi, who are from one of India's excluded communities.

Thanks to the EcoVeg project, Kasthuri is able to earn money to support her child's future.

Short-form documentary: UK Disabled Bodybuilding Champion

Here is a three-minute Facebook documentary I made, telling the inspirational story of Paul Betts, the UK Disabled Bodybuilding Champion.

Paul spent ten years bed-bound due to congenital disability. He credits bodybuilding with transforming his and other disabled athletes’ lives, thanks to the motivation and discipline it has brought to their lives.

This film was published by UNILAD and Jungle Creations and has received more than 300k views.

Many thanks to Paul Betts and Ryan Alexander@ Physical Culture Associationfor all their help and support in making this film.

Short-form documentary: Weekend Warriors

Here is a three-minute documentary I made about the UK's underground wrestling scene.

I am a big fan of the Great Big Story series, which in my opinion is a masterclass in short-form documentaries.

So I decided I too would make one... and here it is.

Many thanks to all the wrestlers who participated in this film, in particular Chris Gladden aka CJ Carter.

So without further ado, let's get ready to rumble!

RAF Museum: First World War in the Air exhibition

This is a promotional video commissioned by the RAF Museum in London for their exhibition First World War in the Air.

Everything featured in this video is on display in the exhibition with a lot more there to see and do as well.

The focus of the exhibition is to tell the human stories of the people involved in the first war fought in the air.

My intention for the film was to try to establish a sense of contact with the people the exhibition commemorates.

Save the Children – 12 Celebs of Christmas

This is a fun video with a serious message to help children around the world at Christmas.

It's a mash-up of 12 celebrities performing a special version of the classic Christmas song.

This film was published on the Sun's website.

I'll leave it to you to decide who is the best/worst singer, but for me Nick Grimshaw takes some beating.

Save the Children – Dominic West

Here is a piece to camera I shot with actor and Save the Children Ambassador Dominic West.

I managed to grab a few minutes with Dominic while he was recording a voice over for the charity's powerful new video Made in Britain.

This film highlights Britain's role in arming Saudi Arabia with weapons used against children in Yemen.

Save the Children – Famine looming in East Africa

This is a short social film I cut for Save the Children's news Twitter channel.

Films made for social media need to tell complex stories quickly.

In this 60-second film we get a snapshot of the terrible challenges facing millions in East Africa.

Without urgent action their future looks bleak.

Save the Children – Airstrikes and Islamic State

In this 60-second social video for Save the Children we meet Hazem*, whose home was targeted by an airstrike.

He faced beatings from Islamic State fighters and was forced to hid in the ruins of his house for five days.

The power of Hazem*'s testimony brings home to us the appalling conditions faced by children in war zones.

This social film is part of the charity’s focus on mental health for children affected by conflict.

Thankfully, Hazem* managed to escape to a camp for internally displaced people.

(*Indicates change of name)

Save the Children – Zainab* speaks of life under ISIS

This is another social media film I cut together from footage filmed by Save the Children inside Syria.

In this film we meet 12-year-old Zainab*.

She lives in a camp for internally displaced Syrians fleeing conflict.

Before arriving in the camp she lived under ISIS rule... and saw things no child should ever see.

(* name changed to protect identity)

Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day super models

Here is another promotional film I made for Save the Children's Christmas Jumper campaign.

In this video super models Poppy Delevingne, Erin O'Connor and David Gandy strut their stuff in their Christmas jumpers.

This video was syndicated to publications such as Harper's Bazaar.

If you want to help disadvantaged children around the world this then you can get involved here.

Save the Children – Sharks at Christmas

Now here's something I'm sure you have never seen before.

Check out the aquarists at the London Aquarium as the don their Christmas jumpers to clean the shark tank.

Of course it's all for a good cause...

But do the sharks know that?


Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day

This is a promotional video I made for Save the Children.

The film is behind the scenes footage from a fashion shoot.

It features celebrities Tom and Giovanna Fletcher modelling Christmas jumpers for the charities Christmas Jumper Day Campaign.

If you want to help disadvantaged children around the world then you can get involved here.

BBC 3 – Murder in Successville Mash-up

I made this mash-up for BBC 3.

It's a comedy compilation based on their hit comedy series Murder in Successville.

Check out these 10 top tips to be a great TV detective.

WARNING: the show features very adult humour and this video fully reflects that.  You have been warned...

Soluis Visualisation Studio – Hotelympia Exhibition

Here is a promotional film I made for Soluis Visualisation Studios.

They set up their 360-degree Walk-in Experience at the Hotelympia Exhibition 2016 at the Excel centre in London.

This brilliant and innovative technology allows exhibitors to show off their locations and interiors to exhibition visitors.

What is amazing about this technology is that it lets visitors explore rich environments by using a simple games console controller.

Queen Square Library – UCL Institute of Neurology

Here is an informational video for users of the Queen Square Library, Archive and Museum.

The library forms part of the Institute of Neurology at University College London.

In this film NHS staff, students and academics discuss how the library helps them in their studies and professional capacity.

Learn more about this fascinating facility and its strong connection to the birth of British neurology.

Wellcome Collection – Mind & Meditation Travelogue

This is another video for the Wellcome Collection.

In this work photographer & filmmaker David Bickerstaff and Ruth Garde, curator of Wellcome Collection exhibition, 'Tibet's Secret Temple', discuss some of the activities, imagery and symbolism seen during a research trip to Tibet.

Take a guided tour of some of Tibet's most sacred sites.


Wellcome Collection – Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India

Here is a video promoting a new exhibition from Wellcome Collection.

The exhibition is called Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India and it runs from January to March 2016.

It examines the history of of medicine in India over many centuries.

This video features just a few of the fascinating exhibits that are on display at the CSVMS Museum in Mumbai.

Soluis Visualisation Studios – Teaser

Here is a quick, 60-second teaser video I produced for Soluis Visualisation Studios.

This gives a snapshot of their exhibition stand at the Digital Construction Week event held at the Business Design Centre in London in October 2015.

Check out their cool visualisation technologies for the design and construction industry.

Soluis Visualisation Studios – Digital Construction Week

Here is the full version of the film I made for Soluis Visualisation Studios at the Digital Construction Week event in London.

The guys from Soluis talk us through some of their ground-breaking Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies.

And we hear from exhibition attendees on what they thought of the cool applications on display.

Who wouldn't want an augmented reality business card? 

Middlesex University – Dance performances at the Museum

This is a promotional video for contemporary dance performances at the RAF Museum in London.

Throughout 2015 students of dance from the University of Middlesex will showcase their work at the museum.

The performances are inspired by the experiences of men and women who fought in the First World War.

You can find out the performance dates by visiting the What's On section of the museum's website.


RAF Museum – National Lottery Award

This is one of a series of short films I made for the RAF Museum in London.

The museum has been short-listed for the National Lottery Heritage Award for 2015 for their exhibition First World War in the Air.

The exhibition is quite breathtaking and really connects visitors with the men and women who sacrificed so much 100 years ago.

It's well worth a visit if you get the chance.

You can vote for the exhibition by clicking here.

RAF Museum – National Lottery Award

This film looks at the conservation work performed by staff and volunteers at the RAF Museum in London.

We learn about the restoration of a First World War-era Model T Ford.

We also hear from one of the conservation technicians who is lucky enough to be able to access every aircraft in the museum's collection.

This film is part of the series of shorts produced to promote the museum's bid to win the National Lottery Award for Heritage in 2015.

RAF Museum – National Lottery Award

This is one of a series of videos I made for the RAF Museum to encourage the public to vote for their First World War in the Air exhibition in the National Lottery Awards for 2015.

I interviewed museum visitors who brought their children to a Painted Planes event day.

The kids recreated the camouflage patterns from a Fokker D7 biplane.

As you can see, they had a lot of fun and did a good job of painting the plane's wing.


Virtual Reality: How to build a Walk-in Dome

Ever wondered how to put together a virtual reality experience?

Here's how to do it in just 60 seconds.

The crew assembled this dome for the Bronze Age Virtual Reality Weekend at the British Museum.

You can see how the weekend panned out in the adjoining video.

British Museum: Bronze Age Virtual Reality Weekend

This film covers an event at the British Museum in which VR technology was used to bring the Bronze Age to life.

We hear from the team that created the walk-in Virtual Reality Dome as well as members of the public and curatorial staff.

This is a really exciting marriage of the ancient and modern and really gives the audience a sense of what life was like thousands of years ago.

Could this be the future for heritage organisations?

RAF Museum – National Lottery Award

Here is another video I made to promote the RAF Museum, which has been short-listed for the National Lottery Heritage Award 2015.

This was filmed at the Grahame Park Festival - an annual event which takes place close to the Museum's site in Colindale.

Members of the local community expressed their support for the museum... and got to dress up in authentic uniforms from different periods of the RAF's history.

You can vote for the museum by clicking here.

Document Digitisation – Preserving the past

This is a part of a short-form documentary about the digitisation of manuscripts.                               

Whether for preservation or access, it is increasingly important to get precious documents out of the archive and into the digital world.                      

This clip shows the process of capturing material with DSLR cameras, high-resolution images of the documents.                                 

The image files are then processed and made accessible online


Inside Out Coaching – Promotional film

Here is a short promo video I made for Inside Out coaching, a personal fitness service based in Glasgow.

I made this film for their new website launching in August 2015.

Inside Out owner Graham Angus explains the ethos and methodology that underpins the company's approach.

Inspiring stuff!

Living history group: Regia Anglorum

I spent a day in Kent with the Regia Anglorum living history and re-enactment group.

They specialise in Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British history in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th centuries.

At their Wychurst site they are constructing a fortified English manor house settlement.

In this clip Chris Boulton explains how the group members are building a clay oven as an external structure to the Longhall.